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Zorb ride in Russian mountains proves deadly

Zorb ride in Russian mountains proves deadly – Yahoo! News.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with what a Zorb is, let me paint a picture. A giant bouncing ball with you inside. Sounds like fun right? Yeah, until you put it on top of a snow covered mountain, set it in motion with two grown men strapped inside, then expect one man at the bottom of the hill to catch said giant bouncing ball hoping that it doesn’t go over the edge of the cliff!

I am sorry for the man who died, it is a tragedy, but I also must say who in their right effing mind thinks this is a good idea?

Poor hound: Mark Buehrle’s dog will also not be welcome in Toronto

Poor hound: Mark Buehrle’s dog will also not be welcome in Toronto | Big League Stew – Yahoo! Sports.

Bans on Pitt bulls are entirely ridiculous! The dog is not a bad breed, the ignorant owners are the problem. Both of my dogs are part pitt and I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

I feel for Buehrle and his family, it is really not fair.

Fantasy Football – Rant

I just want to take a moment to thank my fantasy football players for killing me the last two weeks. I have dropped from 2nd place in my league to 6th, after tonight I will probably be lower than 6th with a crappy 5 and 5 record.

I might be able to make a come back, but if my receivers don’t start seeing some action from their quarterbacks I am screwed. There isn’t even anyone available to pick up that is worth a damn. Not to mention my wonderful running backs got me a total of 7 freaking points this week… SEVEN! Are you kidding me?

I know players and teams have off weeks, but half of my players for the last two weeks having off weeks? I might as well go flush my head in a toilet. Judas Priest…


Zambrano – Are you kidding me?

CHICAGO (AP)—Embattled Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano(notes) says he’d like to pitch again for Chicago and was simply frustrated when he told club personnel he wanted to retire after his most recent start.

via Volatile starter Zambrano wants to stay with Cubs – MLB – Yahoo! Sports.

How the hell do you clean out your locker and walk out on your team, then have the nerve to say, you don’t want to leave? His pitching is crap, he even says so himself in the article, and he is making $18 million to pitch like crap! Not to mention his attitude is atrocious, I don’t know about other Cub fans, but this guy needs to go. If Hendry and Quade let him come crawling back I will be very disappointed.

He said he was going to retire, let him retire. He walked out, therefore he violated his contract and the Cubs save $18 million in salary next season. Use that money to pick up someone who can help us out, not tear us down and give up 8 homers in a single game.

But, I am just a long time baseball fan, what the hell do I know?


Soto’s 3-run HR in 13th lifts Cubs over Giants 5-2 – MLB – Yahoo! Sports.

Soto delivered a pinch-hit, three-run homer that capped a four-run rally with two outs in the 13th inning and sent the Chicago Cubs to a wild 5-2 victory over the San Francisco Giants on Thursday.

We won two games in a row? Really? That is the longest winning streak of the season! Will we get three? Do we dare hope that we can win the first game of the series against our cross town rivals?

I must say I am impressed that they pulled this out in the 13th inning, luckily the Giants failed to seal the deal in both the 9th and 12th innings. This win puts us only 10 games back, yesterday it was 11, so things are going in the right direction.

Again we hope and dream, but we know that the u-turn is approaching and we will be sliding right back in the other direction. I just love being a Cubs fan…


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