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Thousands of votes will not be counted until Friday

Thousands of votes will not be counted until Friday


The disorganization of the local government never ceases to amaze me. This is beyond ridiculous. I really love the part about walk-in and absentee ballots not being counted because no one can find the damn key for the lock box.

On a personal note, G was entirely pissed off because she had her own drama in trying to vote. She went to vote after work and was told that she could not vote because she had been removed from the system for failing to vote in the last two general elections. She is outraged because she voted for Governor in the last election. She informed them of this and they said they had no record of her voting, so that must mean that her vote in that election didn’t count.

She left the voting station and went to the Board of Elections to try to solve the issue, the lady that was there told her she needed a provisional ballot, but that was not her department and therefore could not give her one. The lady who could give her the provisional ballot was not there. So the long and short of it is, G did not get to vote.

Can you say FUBAR?

Involvement of candidates in vote count at issue

Involvement of candidates in vote count at issue – News – Virgin Islands Daily News.

How can it not be a conflict of interest for a currently elected official to count ballots? How is that even legal?


FBI — Virgin Islands Senator Indicted

FBI — Virgin Islands Senator Indicted for Operating and Participating in a Criminal Enterprise That Engaged in Bribery, Wire Fraud, and Mail Fraud.

I can’t even say that I am surprised.

Chick-fil-A agrees to stop funding anti-gay groups, Chicago alderman says | The Lookout – Yahoo! News

Chick-fil-A agrees to stop funding anti-gay groups, Chicago alderman says | The Lookout – Yahoo! News.

I have said this before and I feel that I must say it again. As a lesbian, I personally don’t give a rat’s ass what Chick-fil-A or any other business does with it’s money. The point is it is THEIR MONEY, they can do with it what they choose, they can give it to whomever they choose, we as a people have no right to dictate that. They are a for profit business and can spend their profit as they see fit.

Now, being a lesbian, I don’t have to agree with what they do with their money, I don’t have to like it either. This is my right as a free human being in this country. I also have the right to with hold my money from their business. If I don’t like what they do, I won’t support them, my choice. You also have that right as does every other red blooded American out there.

But enough is enough people, let it go. Do I believe that Chick-fil-A has magically changed it’s spots, I believe that is what they want people to think and they may honestly try, but who are we to try and change their values and beliefs. It is not our right to do so, it is a free country. We don’t have to like it, we don’t have to agree with it, but we do have to respect it. Respect is a two way street, we want acceptance and to be respected, but in order to get that we have to give it.

Just my two cents…


Kill the Gays Bill in Uganda

Newly released diplomatic cables have confirmed that the wife of the President of Uganda, Janet Musceveni, is behind the AHB. For those of you who are unfamiliar with AHB it stands for the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, also known as the ‘kill the gays’ bill. Current legislation in Uganda criminalizes ‘carnal knowledge against the order of nature’. While it does not specifically call out homosexuality, that is what it is being used for. The AHB takes this current legislation to a whole new realm of insanity. It will not only allow the criminal punishment of homosexuality by imprisonment and death, it will also allow for the arrest and prosecution of anyone who does not report someone they know to be homosexual.

Anti-gay sentiment has significantly increased since the introduction of the AHB. The LGBT community has been the target of attacks and even murder, which includes the death of gay activist David Kato back in January of this year. Many reports blame his death and the introduction of the AHB on American Christian Evangelicals that visit Uganda and hold workshops preaching that ‘the gay movement is an evil institution intended to defeat marriage based society’. So, not only must the religious right of the United States spread their hatred and fear here in our own country they must do it in other countries more homophobic than our own.

Bullying in Schools

This has got to stop. I read an article today that centers around a school district in Minnesota which is right in the heart of Michelle Bachman’s district. You all know how I feel about this woman and her beliefs, but it has gone too far. The Minnesota Family Council and other christian conservative groups are not allowing the bullying to be stopped. This distract has had 8 suicides in the last 2 years and four of those are said to have been questioning their sexuality. District policy dictates that the staff shall remain neutral on issues of homosexuality. Leaving staff to ignore, diminish, or even dismiss, or even blame the victim in some cases of abusive behavior.

One student who has not commented on his sexuality, was verbally abused daily because he is perceived as gay by other students. He was even urinated on by another student. When he was threatened in the locker room while changing for gym, school officials made him change in a principal’s office rather than stop the ones who were torturing the poor kid.

This is beyond despicable, while parents associated with the family council weren’t available for comment an interesting quote was taken from their website. Their Web site says that depression among gay teenagers is often the fault of gay rights advocates who create hopelessness: “When a child has been deliberately misinformed about the causes of homosexuality and told that homosexual acts are normal and natural, all hope for recovery is taken away.”

This really chaps my hide to no end. I had planned to blog about some other news, but after these two items I am so beyond disgusted, I don’t have anything else to say. Well I do, but it would not be wise or very pleasant to read. Please feel free to share this information, while homophobia and stupidity are not going away anytime soon, I still believe that education is one of our greatest tools.

Like I said last week, fighting for marriage equality is all well and good, but the LGBTQ community has bigger problems and if you don’t see that by reading about these two articles, than we really do have a problem. You have to look past your own backyard.

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