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India’s Health Minister Calls Homosexuality ‘Unnatural’ –

“Unfortunately, there is this disease in the world and in this country where men are having sex with other men, which is completely unnatural and shouldn’t happen, but it does,” Ghulam Nabi Azad

via India’s Health Minister Calls Homosexuality ‘Unnatural’ –

This is what bothers me about people, everyone just wants to throw their uninformed and uneducated opinion into the mix. I am not knocking the man for his beliefs, he can believe anything he chooses to believe, but to be a public official and make such a statement at a public forum is wrong.

This statement was made at an HIV/AIDS conference, now how can you be the Minister of Health and not know that HIV/AIDS is primarily spread by heterosexual sex in your country?

“Unprotected sex between heterosexuals is responsible for 87 percent of all new cases transmitted, according to India’s National AIDS Control Program.”

Ignorance can no longer be an excuse…

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