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“We hold full confidence in the power of the Gospel and of the reign of Christ within the life of the believer. We know that something as deeply entrenched as a pattern of sexual attraction is not easily changed, but we know that with Christ all things are possible.”

via Evangelical Leader Touts Gospel, Not Therapy, as Way to ‘Reorient’ Gays, Christian News.

Okay this is for all my gay and lesbian Christian friends, have you been cured because you believe in Christ and follow the teachings of the gospel? Since you have been saved and accepted Jesus Christ as your savior, have you lost your homosexual desires and been cured of this abomination?

“The normalization of homosexuality simply cannot be accepted by anyone committed to biblical Christianity. To Deny that sin is sin is to deny our need for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Christians cannot accept any teaching that minimizes sin, for it is the knowledge of our sin that points us to our need for atonement, salvation, and the forgiveness of that sin through the cross of Jesus Christ.”

If you follow the gospel, then everyone is a sinner every day. There are abominations all through the bible that are no longer followed. Things that you could be put to death for, things that I along with most Christians do every single day. I had bacon with my breakfast this morning, that is an abomination. I am also wearing a polyester/cotton blend shirt today, that is also an abomination, my boss shaved this morning, that too is an abomination. Per the gospel we should be put to death.

A sin is a sin, regardless of what sin it is. You have accepted Jesus Christ as your savior, good for you, but you still have bacon and eggs every day for breakfast. My friend has accepted Jesus Christ as his savior, but he is still gay. What is the difference, why should he have to change or be cured because of what his sin is? Does your pastor or priest tell you in order to go to Heaven you must stop eating bacon, do they kick you out of church on Sunday morning if you wear a blended item of clothing? No they don’t, because those are portions of the gospel that they *choose* to ignore.

Alright, I am agitated, and I feel that I am rambling and not making much sense. So, I am going to shut up for now…

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    all three says:

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