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NYC gym teacher claims 6-year-old student beat him up

NYC gym teacher claims 6-year-old student beat him up | The Sideshow – Yahoo! News.

I do not agree with the way Yahoo titles or even represents this story. It comes across all wrong. I also do not agree with the picture that Yahoo posted of the boy, granted the picture was taken by the New York Post, but I think it sensationalizes the story. Shame on the Post for even having that child pose like that.

Now on to my real complaint. These parents are wrong, and well done for the gym teacher. It had to take a lot of self control not to reach out and back hand that kid while he was being bitten, then to be kicked in the knee and the ankle… wow, I think someone needs to be sent to anger management.

The parents ask how a little first grader can do so much damage, it’s really quite easy. You can break many bones in the human body with anything over 5 to 7 pounds of pressure. A 6 year old kid can generate that amount of strength behind a kick quite easily.

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