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Thousands of votes will not be counted until Friday

Thousands of votes will not be counted until Friday


The disorganization of the local government never ceases to amaze me. This is beyond ridiculous. I really love the part about walk-in and absentee ballots not being counted because no one can find the damn key for the lock box.

On a personal note, G was entirely pissed off because she had her own drama in trying to vote. She went to vote after work and was told that she could not vote because she had been removed from the system for failing to vote in the last two general elections. She is outraged because she voted for Governor in the last election. She informed them of this and they said they had no record of her voting, so that must mean that her vote in that election didn’t count.

She left the voting station and went to the Board of Elections to try to solve the issue, the lady that was there told her she needed a provisional ballot, but that was not her department and therefore could not give her one. The lady who could give her the provisional ballot was not there. So the long and short of it is, G did not get to vote.

Can you say FUBAR?

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