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Starbucks Will ‘Pay’ For Gay Marriage Support: NOM Pledge

Starbucks Will ‘Pay’ For Gay Marriage Support: NOM Pledge.

Article on Huffington Post – NOM is at it again.

“It takes money to go up against someone like Starbucks. I mean, we’ve got 50,000 people who’ve said, ‘We’re no longer going to purchase Starbucks products,’ but that’s the tip of the iceberg. Has it had some effect? I think so, but it’s nowhere near enough. An example has to be made of some of these companies if we’re going to get this sort of tidal wave of support for same-sex marriage to stop.”

Have they ever stopped to wonder that maybe since there is a ‘tidal wave of support’ for marriage equality that maybe they are the ones wrong for trying to force their views onto other people?

I know it is hard to accept that the world is changing and that everyone should be treated equally under the law, but it must be done. People must realize that marriage is NOT a religious institution. It is a legal and binding contract in the eyes of the government between two consenting adults.  This is why people can get married in the county court house, because it is a government issue, not a religious one.

You don’t see Atheists running down to the nearest Baptist church to get married, they get a Justice of the Peace to officiate their ceremony. I have said this crap before, so I digress.

Bigotry and hatred spouted in the name of religion. This is what is wrong with this country.


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