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Tick Tock – Dean Koontz

Tick TockTick Tock by Dean Koontz

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book was not really what I expected at all, but I must say I loved it. The descriptions in the book are amazing, so very detailed, it is like you are there. It is a very fast read and seems a bit on the short side from the typical Koontz novel. I must say I was disappointed to see it end, but maybe with the way it ended Koontz can make another series.

I found the characters to be very engaging, and loved the humor, sarcasm, and wit in the dialog between the characters. I laughed out loud more than once during my read. I also really enjoyed the mystery surrounding Tommy, Del, and Scootie. I think Del is the most interesting character Mr. Koontz has ever written aside from Odd Thomas.

If you are looking for a fun light read with that X-Files feel, than this book definitely fits the bill. Creepy, but light hearted, a great read that won’t disappoint.

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Starbucks Will ‘Pay’ For Gay Marriage Support: NOM Pledge

Starbucks Will ‘Pay’ For Gay Marriage Support: NOM Pledge.

Article on Huffington Post – NOM is at it again.

“It takes money to go up against someone like Starbucks. I mean, we’ve got 50,000 people who’ve said, ‘We’re no longer going to purchase Starbucks products,’ but that’s the tip of the iceberg. Has it had some effect? I think so, but it’s nowhere near enough. An example has to be made of some of these companies if we’re going to get this sort of tidal wave of support for same-sex marriage to stop.”

Have they ever stopped to wonder that maybe since there is a ‘tidal wave of support’ for marriage equality that maybe they are the ones wrong for trying to force their views onto other people?

I know it is hard to accept that the world is changing and that everyone should be treated equally under the law, but it must be done. People must realize that marriage is NOT a religious institution. It is a legal and binding contract in the eyes of the government between two consenting adults.  This is why people can get married in the county court house, because it is a government issue, not a religious one.

You don’t see Atheists running down to the nearest Baptist church to get married, they get a Justice of the Peace to officiate their ceremony. I have said this crap before, so I digress.

Bigotry and hatred spouted in the name of religion. This is what is wrong with this country.


Fantasy Football – Rant

I just want to take a moment to thank my fantasy football players for killing me the last two weeks. I have dropped from 2nd place in my league to 6th, after tonight I will probably be lower than 6th with a crappy 5 and 5 record.

I might be able to make a come back, but if my receivers don’t start seeing some action from their quarterbacks I am screwed. There isn’t even anyone available to pick up that is worth a damn. Not to mention my wonderful running backs got me a total of 7 freaking points this week… SEVEN! Are you kidding me?

I know players and teams have off weeks, but half of my players for the last two weeks having off weeks? I might as well go flush my head in a toilet. Judas Priest…


Thousands of votes will not be counted until Friday

Thousands of votes will not be counted until Friday


The disorganization of the local government never ceases to amaze me. This is beyond ridiculous. I really love the part about walk-in and absentee ballots not being counted because no one can find the damn key for the lock box.

On a personal note, G was entirely pissed off because she had her own drama in trying to vote. She went to vote after work and was told that she could not vote because she had been removed from the system for failing to vote in the last two general elections. She is outraged because she voted for Governor in the last election. She informed them of this and they said they had no record of her voting, so that must mean that her vote in that election didn’t count.

She left the voting station and went to the Board of Elections to try to solve the issue, the lady that was there told her she needed a provisional ballot, but that was not her department and therefore could not give her one. The lady who could give her the provisional ballot was not there. So the long and short of it is, G did not get to vote.

Can you say FUBAR?

Involvement of candidates in vote count at issue

Involvement of candidates in vote count at issue – News – Virgin Islands Daily News.

How can it not be a conflict of interest for a currently elected official to count ballots? How is that even legal?


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